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How I Created a Storybook Brand

By Eliana Rose B.

During August of 2019, I created a storybook brand, I self-published one of my storybooks on Amazon, and I use different software and project management tools in different areas of the brand for fulfilling the goals I had for it within the time frame of one month.

 Why I did this project

I decided to work on this project for two main reasons. Firstly, I am passionate about writing storybooks and seeing the process of turning ideas into a real product. The second reason is that I wanted to develop technical skills for using different types of project management software, that can be useful during my apprenticeship at the startup in which I am going to get placed. 

What I’ve accomplished in 30 days

-I created a brand of storybooks with a real product that is available for customers to buy, and presence on the web. 

-I translated a book from Spanish to English. 

-I learned how to create an ebook using special software and made a video about it.

-I learned how to selfpublish my book on and made a video about it.

-I created social networks accounts for my brand.

-I learned how to create content for social media using

- I learned how to use Trello and made a video about it.

-I learned how to use Buffer for managing the social media accounts of my brand and made a video about it.

-I wrote a blog post about how to get started writing children’s books.

-I created a website for my brand. 

-I created content for the blog of my brand. 

-I created an advertisement promoting my product on social media. 

-I wrote updates about my project every week. 

What I would have done differently:

I would have not stressed too much when I tried to reach perfection on the content I created and I did not achieve it. I would have enjoyed more the process of learning, making mistakes and improving.  

Problems I faced:

My biggest challenge every week of the month was to deal with the recording of my videos, and having to repeat them several times. I also had to deal with some technical issues when I used the wrong software for turning an ebook into a different format. 

What I will be working on the upcoming weeks/months:

In the next weeks and months, I plan to create new storybooks, translate the ones I wrote in Spanish, and keep growing a community of followers and costumers around my brand. 

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