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Portfolio Project Update Week 4

During August, I worked on a Portfolio Project that has a goal, the creation of an ebook brand for children and the use of different project management software for improving productivity in different areas of the brand. In the last week of the month, I focused on the creation of advertisements for social media to get some sales of the first storybook that I launched last week. Besides, I wrote content for the blog that aims to attract potential costumers and grow our community.

What I did this week:

Work in the marketing area and on the web presence:

-I created new content for social media that was shared every day of this week:

(-I created a blog post explaining how I created an advertisement for Facebook.)

How I did it:

- Facebook Advertisement: The first step that I took was to use a template of for creating animated social media ads. Then, I uploaded the cover picture of my book, and I started to edit the ad, changing the background color, and adding details with movement that captures the attention of the audience that watches it. Finally, I typed the text that invites costumers to buy the product. Once I finished to create it, I uploaded it on Facebook and followed the instructions of that site for boosting my ad. For more specific information, please read my blog post about how to create a Facebook advertisement. The final result looked like this:

- Blog Post For The Website Of Orinoco: I needed to create content that was valuable for the community around Orinoco. After doing some research, I learned that moms are the number one niche market I needed to focus on when trying to get customers. Parents, in general, are who decide what to buy, but mothers especially purchase more educational products for their kids. For this reason, this week, I wrote content that covers some of the most common questions and concerns that moms have about motherhood. The purpose of this type of content is to attract more moms that feel identified with the information we create for them, driving them to our website, and as a final result, close sales of products.

What Comes For Orinoco In The Upcoming Weeks/Months:

I plan to translate to English some of the storybooks that I wrote in Spanish, and I am looking forward to writing new ones! Once I do that, I will be ready for publishing them on Amazon. Besides, I plan to keep working on marketing and sales strategies and keep learning how to use more tools that make my team’s work and mine more efficient.

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