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Hi! My name is Eliana. I was born in Monteria, a small city on the Caribbean Coast of Colombia, that serves as a habitat for monkeys, iguanas, parrots, and other astonishing species. I grew up in a family of teachers and writers, so I enjoyed reading books and writing stories as a child.

Living in such a small city, my life was very calm until I turned 22 years old, when I left my hometown after finishing college and moved to the charming yet cold City of Boston in the U.S. I traveled there through a one-year exchange program that allowed me to live with a host family, study and work. This experience was life-changing for me. It was the first time I had an exposure to so many cultures and people from different backgrounds, but most importantly, I re-discovered my passion for writing storybooks while I spent time taking care of my host kids. As I was challenged to keep three kids entertained and busy every day, I started to invent engaging stories for them that later, I would write down.

In my return to Colombia, I decided to explore other areas of my country, so I moved to beautiful Medellin, a welcoming place with green mountains and fantastic weather. Here I worked teaching English in different universities, and later, I co-founded my first startup, a subscription box for children that combined my passion for teaching and writing storybooks for kids. It delivered monthly science experiments, art and craft activities, and stories related to the theme of the month. When my partners and I launched the company, customers received the products very well, and they got positive reviews, so we started to sell the boxes online and during events that we organized in shopping centers. I was working in this business as a COO and writer, among other positions that all entrepreneurs are required to do when they are building a startup.  

However, two years later my life changed tremendously, I met an American guy who stole my heart entirely and started to share and build new dreams with me, so in November of 2018, we said yes! We got married in Chicago and moved back together to Medellin in January.

This new season of my life has brought immense joy, great memories, and experiences, but also new projects. For this reason, I decided to stop working with my partners and start creating a similar venture independently, with the same essence, love, and passion for teaching values and inspiring kids and young people to become what they dream of being. I am creating my brand of storybooks that I plan to launch soon and I am building my career in the tech world as a more multifaceted entrepreneur.

Taking steps towards this goal, I just started an outstanding and challenging program called Praxis, where I am learning more about entrepreneurship, marketing, operations, how to improve my brand, among other business areas. It consists of six months of professional boot camp and six months of apprenticeship at a startup, where I will have the opportunity to work and learn directly from CEOs and talented people. How cool is that?

Moreover, I just started my blog, where I share posts and articles about different themes such as entrepreneurship, living abroad, cultures, literature, among other topics.

Feel free to visit it and leave comments! I love to learn from people’s different opinions.

As you see, my life is a journal book with different chapters that I keep updating with pages, as adventures and experiences happen, and new designs and creations are born. If you are curious about what I have worked on and my current projects, you can check them out in my portfolio.


Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia

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