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About me

Hi! I'm Eliana. I'm from Monteria, a city on the gorgeous Caribbean coast of Colombia. Growing up in a family of teachers and writers, I enjoyed reading books and writing stories as a child. 


When I turned 24 years old, I co-founded my first startup, a subscription box for children that combined my passion for teaching and writing storybooks for kids. It delivered educational products such as science experiments, art and crafts, books, etc. I also had the opportunity to pitch on Shark Tank!


Later in my career, I moved to the USA and transitioned into the tech industry. For the last three years, I have been helping companies to deliver value to their customers as a CSM. 


My husband and I currently own an e-commerce business, and I'm passionate about helping customers to find solutions to their problems. Whether serving my customers from our company or from my job, I aim to give them an unmatchable experience. I serve them from the heart and I'm continuously challenging myself to grow and find better ways to serve them and my team. 



Dallas, Texas, USA

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