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Portfolio Project Outline

1) The final result of my Portfolio Project: I will create a storybook brand for kids. I will learn to use a variety of software tools that help to manage different operational processes of this brand successfully.

2) How this project is related to my goals: With this project, I will develop different skills that are going to help me to succeed at my work during my apprenticeship. Learning to use CRM software is going to be an essential part of my role in operations. It will also help me to gain knowledge about other business areas like marketing and sales, as some of these software tools integrate functions for those areas as well. Besides, my Portfolio Project helps me to develop my communication skills while I document and showcase the creation of my brand and the learning process I went through.

3) What I plan to accomplish by the end of each week:

Week 1: I will learn how to use a project management software, and I will showcase through a blog post or a video how to use this tool for organizing essential tasks. The software I’m going to be using is Trello. During this week, I will also translate to English one of the storybooks I already created.

Week 2: The first activity I will need to do during the second week, is to publish my storybook on Amazon, so it is available for customers as an e-book. Secondly, I will create social media ads for promoting my product. I will learn how to use a social media management tool called Buffer, and I will teach how I used it for managing the accounts of my brand. I will do this through a blog post or a video.

Week 3: I will create a website for my brand and I will create different videos about how I created my ebook, how I published on, how to create a logo, etc.

Week 4: I will create content for the blog of the brand and I will create advertisement for social media accounts of my brand.

4) I anticipate that my biggest challenge is going to be creating content/ads for the social media accounts of my brand. Getting real costumers and gaining followers for those accounts is going to be hard too. I think that those tasks are going to be time-consuming, and I will need to do that while documenting the use of the different software I use in my project.

5) The most valuable asset I bring to this project is my organizational skills for getting tasks done efficiently. I also bring my content creation skills, that I will demonstrate in my products. Besides, I bring my skills for learning quickly and teaching myself how to use essential tools that make my work very productive.

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