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My Project Management Strategies

I am currently working on a portfolio project that consists of the creation of a storybook brand and using different CRM software for improving productivity in the brand. This project requires to create new products, learning how to use various tools, and documenting my work. All of these tasks take much time. For this reason, I have planned some strategies that are going to help me to get all my job done on time and with excellent results.

The Goals of my Portfolio Project:

1. The goal of my project is to create a real storybook brand and successfully use different software tools for managing essential tasks in various areas of my brand.

2. To showcase my work professionally and clearly.

Weekly Breakdown:

Week 1:

Use Trello as a project management software for organizing my tasks and define when they need to get done. Besides, create a tutorial video about how to use this tool.

Week 2:

-Translate my book to English.

-Convert my text into an ebook using the right format.

-Publish my ebook on Amazon, so that it is available for customers.

-Create social media accounts.

-Create content for social media.

-Use Buffer for managing the social media accounts of my brand, and create a video explaining how to use it.

Week 3:

-Use finances software management for organizing the budget of my brand.

-Create a video/blog post showing how to use this tool.

-Create a website for my brand.

Week 4:

-Use an email software manager for tracking communication and information that I send to customers or potential customers.

-Make a video/blog post showing how I use the email manager tool.

-Create content for the blog of my brand.

Daily Actions:

Every day of this month I will work having blocks of 25 minutes focused on working in my project and 5 minutes of break for doing exercise and stretching, then other 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of physical activity and so on for 8 hours a day. Keeping my body active helps me to concentrate better on my tasks. Besides, I will be studying and reading at least 30 minutes a day about new tools that can help me to improve my work in my brand.

My system for working:

At the beginning of the month, I started to use boards in Trello, I divided my work into sections, and I added deadlines for every task. You can check here a video that I created about how to use Trello.

Besides, I use Google Calendars for creating reminders of important work that needs to get done on specific days, and I also love using a whiteboard that I have in front of my desk for writing down the checklist of the day. I do that because it is an essential visual reminder for me; at the end of the day, it feels good to erase what I wrote down knowing that I accomplished what I wrote down in the morning.

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