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Writing When You Don't Feel Like Writing

I do not want to write today. I am feeling tired and a little bit sick. After coming from a long trip and finally arriving home this afternoon all I want to do is to rest. However, I feel my mind always reminding me that I have an essential task to do; I need to write. This 30-day blogging challenge I am doing is becoming a habit. I cannot feel well with myself until I complete it. No matter how bad my body is physically feeling, my brain needs to create something today.

This feeling reminds me of a section of The War Of Art, by Steven Pressfield. The author explains that when someone becomes a professional at something, they take it as a real job. They show up every day; whether they feel like working or not, they keep doing their tasks.

I do not think I am a professional writer yet, but I know that by maintaining the habit of expressing my thoughts through my texts, I give myself the chance to learn something new and improve my techniques.

I realized that I do not need to feel passionate or euphoric about writing all the time. In some moments, the best tactic for overcoming writer's block is by opening up our emotions, being honest with ourselves and do not try to pretend anything we are not in that moment. In that way, we can experience the freedom and peace that writing can give us once we share that intimate moment between our words and us.

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