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A Week Full of Learning on a New Field

Photo by C Dustin on Unsplash
Photo by C Dustin on Unsplash

After being job hunting for months, I got hired by a tech company in the construction field in Miami. Once I got the job offer, I felt very excited, full of energy and willingness to learn and work hard to add value to my new team and customers, as I now work as a Customer Support Manager.

The company I work for is SmartBarrel; it is a startup, so many things happen every day in a fast environment. Our team is very small, and we work remotely, we need to keep communicating continuously, especially on Slack and Google Meets. On my first day of work, my boss and my co-worker introduced me to Jira; it is the platform that we use to create and track tickets (issues that customers report to us). That same day, I also started to learn how to use the SmartBarrel platform and how to use an app to receive and transfer customers’ calls to other team members.

On my second day, I created my first ticket, and I started to have training sessions with my co-worker. After each session, I spent hours reviewing information and learning how the company’s platform works and all its features, as well as data about the construction industry, which is a whole new world for me. I realized that the platform is more complex than I thought, sometimes I felt frustrated and overwhelmed because of all the information I needed to learn at once; sometimes, I cried when I was alone.

The good part is that my boss and the co-worker that is training me are aware of the number of things I have been learning. They are very nice, and they have been very helpful, answering all the questions that I have had.

My co-worker had a great idea and suggested me to create tutorials on Loom about every tool that he has been teaching me about the platform. I loved the idea because I heard Isaac Morehouse saying on the Praxis Forward Tilt Podcast that the best way to learn something is by teaching people about it. So, I have been spending all weekend creating the tutorials and making sure that they are great and look professional. They are potentially going to be posted on the company’s platform so that customers can use them and learn with them. After creating the first videos, I feel more confident and prepared to help customers.

Overall, my first week at work has been challenging, surprising, and full of new knowledge. I have been training myself to be flexible and to use my time very wisely. I am looking forward to adding more value and serve more in the best way I can.

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