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Holistic Abundance

Photo by Almos Bechtold on Unsplash

Lately, I've been captivated by the term 'holistic abundance,' and I've asked myself many questions about it. What is it? How can I get it? Is it infinite? I'm reading some books that guide me in this journey of finding my path towards spiritual and physical fullness, and in this blog post, I intend to answer those questions, based on what I've learned from them and what other people that I respect have taught me.

This topic is so vast that it is tough to fit it in this post. So, this is just the beginning of my reflections about it.

  • What is 'Holistic Abundance'? I describe it as living in harmony with our thoughts, emotions, body, and goals, experiencing everlasting peace, love, happiness, and all things that one desires in life.

  • Why am I so fascinated by it? Even though I'm very grateful and happy for the life that I currently have, I yearn for been continually growing as a human. I want to experience higher spiritual and financial riches. My husband and I are big dreamers, and we have a huge map of roads and life experiences we want to enjoy. One time I learned that there's enough wealth in the universe for everybody, waiting for us to take it, so I decided to go for it.

  • How can I get it? There's no single answer that applies to everybody. Every person experiences different paths that might lead them to achieve holistic abundance. As a Christian, I believe that God has always been walking with me in my journey and preparing me to receive all the riches that he currently gives me, and the ones I'll win. He puts in my heart burning desires for achieving things, he shows me resources I can learn from, and extraordinary people as life mentors that I have found in different places and seasons.

Your path, background, and beliefs might be very different from mine. But if you also have a strong desire to have a greater abundance of positive things in your life, and you're willing to do what it takes, you will find the means you need to achieve it.

Some of the steps that I'm learning and are helping me move forward towards my dreams are the following:

1. Our thoughts are a vital key to success: It blew my mind when I read the following sentence in the book Think and Grow Rich of Napoleon Hill: "Thoughts impulses begin immediately to translate themselves into their physical equivalent whether those thoughts are voluntary or involuntary." The author explains that thoughts are made of energy, and we transform it into reality, whether positive or negative. I'm studying the importance of stimulating my mind to think of what I want for my life as if I already had them through imagination in my meditation times.

2. Build a definite action plan for your goals: Napoleon Hill explains that to "crystallize desire into action," it is necessary to define very well what is what you demand from life. It is then essential to create a definite plan that includes how you will achieve that, what you need to do or change every day, and when you're going to get those results. He also suggests having a "Master Mind" alliance. This means to count on the support and knowledge of a group of people that will help you obtain your goals.

My husband and I have in our bedroom a dream board that we designed with different categories: Spiritual life, Marriage, Health, Family, Our Business, Finances, and Dreams and Travels. Underneath each of those sections, we pasted pictures representing things that we want for each of those. We also stuck colorful pieces of cardboards in our fridge, and we wrote down there our goals explicitly described.

3. Be grateful for what you have in the present: I've learned that we don't need to wait until we achieve all our goals to experience holistic abundance. We can enjoy all the beautiful things that God and life are offering to us right now. Despite the stress and difficult circumstances that might come sometimes, we can still experience peace, the love of our significant other and family. We can choose healthy choices for our bodies, and we can make harmonious and responsible decisions with our finances.

4. Give first, then receive: One time, I heard that life is like a bank that pays you back your investments' fruits. We need to cultivate good deeds, to reap great results. It's essential to wonder how we can serve more people around us? Who needs us? Once we find the answers, we should take action without expecting anything in return from those people, but knowing that we should give first if we demand a lot from the universe.

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