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Portfolio Project Update Week 3

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

I have enjoyed a lot working on my portfolio project in the third week of this month. Building a website that projects the essence and purpose of my brand has been a constructive process for me. During these seven days, I have developed technical skills that helped me to learn essential knowledge for the creation of the different pages contained on the site.

What I did this week:

*Progress of my brand:

*Documentation of what I have learned so far creating my brand:

How I did it:

-Website: For the creation of my website, first I wrote a draft of the content that it would have, including different pages: (a Home Page with an About Section and a Key Highlights Section, a Product Page with descriptions of each product. Besides, a Blog and a Contact Page.

When I finished my draft, I started to create my website on, dividing all the pages and sections, adding pictures and editing the texts that I wrote until I felt happy with the final results.

-Documenting videos: For my videos, I created introductory presentations using Then I explained how to use different software by downloading them and showing step by step their features and how to use them. I recorded all of them using Loom.

Problems I faced: I think that the only problem I met this week was dealing with the recording of the videos. I recorded them several times due to noises, or me talking with a weird voice suddenly. I had to deal with my perfectionism and try not to focus too much on small details.

What I will be working on week 4: Next week, I will be working on creating content for the blog of my brand, and I will be creating advertisements for social media, to promote my product and get some sales.

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