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My 12 Favorite Problems

Image by PawinG from Pixabay

This week, I am identifying my favorite problems. The ones that I would like to solve in the near future and that are going to help me to grow personally and professionally. After taking a look in different areas of my life, I came out with twelve questions that represent the most significant problems that I currently have:

1. How can I improve my memory and have fewer distractions?

2. How can I enlarge my network?

3. How can I conclude my ideas more compellingly when I talk?

4. How can I improve the quality of the format of my storybooks on Kindle devices?

5. How can I be more extrovert? How can I improve the content of my tutorial videos?

6. How can I be more consistent with my work out at the gym?

7. How can I manage better anxiety?How can I spend more time in nature?

8. How can I pitch my skills better and have successful job interviews?

9. How can I analyze processes in companies for identifying areas that need improvements?

10. If I currently do not have a job or clients, how can I learn to use Salesforce?

Having these problems in my life does not make me feel worried. Contrarily, they make me feel curious and stimulate my creativity in finding ways to solve them. Writing problems down in a list makes me also feel more peaceful because, in this way, I know what the things I need to give more attention are. Once I start solving them, I free my mind to find new areas I need to work on for improving my quality of life.

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