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Is Vacation An Antonym Of Work?

When we have goals of personal and professional growth, we know that we need to do commitments with ourselves, and the only way to become what we dream of being is by working consistently. Whether it is to develop a technical skill or improving our health with exercise, the daily effort will push us until the tip of our targets.

However, it can be easy to forget about our commitments when we are on vacation. Resistance can try to play with our minds and tell us that we have already worked hard for a long time, that now we should stop, and enjoy some leisure time. In those moments of doubt is when we need to prove how bad we want to grow and overcome obstacles on the road. With this, I am not trying to say that taking breaks is terrible; we need them for invigorating our brain. Exploring the world gives us new and fresh ideas for our writing, but taking breaks does not always mean to stop working.

Last week my husband and I went to a paradise island in which there were many activities to do. The purpose of that trip was to share quality time with my significant other, but I had responsibilities with my professional development and work. What could I do? The answer was not too complicated: manage well my time.

I am currently doing a 30-day blogging challenge, and I could not stop, even when the waves of the sea invited me to get lost in them and lose the notion of things. I faced different challenges for keeping up with this commitment. The internet of the island was very slow; I was not able to open my website for posting my blogs. It was very uncomfortable to write without using an online dictionary for synonyms and other software that I normally use for editing my texts. However, I learned in a short period to find ways to get things done, even under complicated conditions. All I needed was consistency for doing my work.

Most of the days I wrote my posts in the mornings; in that way, I was free the rest of the day for doing other plans. I know that I did not write my best pieces during those days, even though I tried; but I do not stress too much about it. The important thing is that I managed to work, I blogged every day during my vacation, and I found a balance between investing time in my relationship and developing a skill that is going to help me to become a better communicator. I am sure that these efforts are going to be worth it when I start creating value for a company, and I bring all the knowledge I am learning with my daily tasks. In the meantime, I am excited to keep practicing, become a better writer and professional.

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