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I Started A 30-Days Writing Challenge Today!

Writing has been present in my life for a very long time, and it is therapy for me. In days when I am feeling overwhelmed, or I am experiencing anxiety about something, I know that spending time writing makes me feel calmer. It helps me to express my thoughts about the problem I am experiencing, and later, I start to break down possible solutions. Other days, when I feel tired or lazy about getting work done, I like to reflect and write down about how that task helps me to get closer to my goals and how working on it will help me to become a better version of myself. After doing that exercise, I feel energized and motivated again.

On the other hand, writing storybooks is a hobby that I love. I allow myself to be as creative as I can be, imagining adventures and characters with particular personalities. I have fun turning ideas into stories that can entertain children, and that can inspire them to become what they dream of being. I also write blog posts regularly about topics that are interesting to me, or about specific skills I am learning.

However, I have never had the habit of writing every day, and that is a discipline that I want to acquire. I know that it is going to help me to improve the way I communicate and the quality of my texts tremendously. As Steven Pressfield says in one of his books that I am currently reading, The War of Art: “When we sit down each day and do our work, power concentrates around us… we become like a magnetized rod that attracts iron filings. Ideas come. Insights accrete,”.

For this reason, I made a commitment to myself of doing a 30-days writing challenge. I am going to write a blog post during each day of September, no matter what. I will be writing about entrepreneurship, personal development, traveling, among others. The important thing is to keep always working and training my brain to think critically.

I know that it is not going to be comfortable in some days, I anticipate that my biggest challenge might be experiencing writer’s block; but I plan not to stress too much pretending that I am already a very skilled writer. I want to enjoy the process of getting better and writing about things I feel passion for.

At the end of this challenge, I plan to write about my experience and everything I learned through it. I do not just hope to become a better writer but to get a healthy and robust work habit that is going to benefit me professionally and in different areas of my life.

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