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I Completed a 30-Day Blogging Challenge!

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

During all this month of September, I wrote blog posts every single day. It is impressive to think of all the things that I learned and made me grow into a better professional. Today I finished my writing challenge, and I decided to break down the main aspects of this experience:

What did I learn this month? I think that discipline and consistency are the main traits that I gained. There were days I felt excited about writing, but there were also moments when I did not want to write at all. Treating this challenge professionally meant to show up and sit down to write no matter what. At the end of each day, I felt proud of myself for moving a step closer to my goal.

What were the biggest challenges, and how did they push me to grow? Dealing with resistance was probably the hardest part. A battle inside myself that made me think of many other fun things I could do instead of writing. Overcoming resistance is a difficult action; I am very glad that I was brave enough for beating it.

How am I stronger and better at the end of this month? After completing this challenge, I feel that I am better than the previous version of myself. I feel more confident because I know that I can get work done, no matter how difficult it can be. Besides, I know and can prove that I can meet deadlines. I feel that I am better now because I overcame fears of writing for adult readers, as I just had experience writing for children before.

In what ways has my writing improved? My writing is better because I learned to write in a more concise way (which is something I struggled with many times). I also learned to narrow down my ideas, writing about specific topics and points of view instead of general subjects.

Why do I think I’m more employable now that I’ve completed this challenge? I demonstrated that I finish what I promise to do. I am committed to my work and to prove efficiency. I am always willing to improve myself and my skills. I do not conform to being good at something; I challenge myself to do whatever it takes for reaching my goals. Besides, I can create content about a variety of topics, including content that sells. I am someone who brings this same drive to the workplace and to all the projects I do.

You can find my work here:

Day 23: Senioritis

Writing for 30 days have brought me significant benefits. I feel that I can apply all the things I learned to my everyday life and future projects. I know I still need to keep working hard for achieving my desired level as a writer; however, doing this challenge has been an enormous accelerator for my career and personal goals.

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