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How to Succeed in Marketing

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Marketing is a business area that looks attractive to many young people starting their careers. It seems like a fascinating and exciting job in which they can explore their creativity and develop business skills. Even though all of this is true, it is essential to know that the field is full of competition. If you want to stand out among tons of talented marketers, I recommend to follow the next steps:

  • Understand the link between marketing and sales: It is necessary to know that sales is strongly connected with marketing. Many of the researches that marketing teams conduct are based on customers’ purchase behaviors, and the outcome is customer acquisition. For this reason, hiring managers suggest getting some experience in sales before applying to a marketing role. Being used to clients’ preferences and demands helps to think more critically when designing campaigns or advertisements.

  • Become an expert in one or more technical skills: Developing different skills is very useful in a marketing position. However, investing time in learning and becoming an expert in a specific technical expertise can be very rewarding for your career. Think of the needs of the company you work for and identify which tech stacks can bring more value to it. Design some side projects using them to get more experience and ask for feedback from colleagues. Repeat this process until you feel confident and knowledgeable enough to get responsibilities in which you can use your new skill.

  • Master the basic skills of marketing: No matter what area of marketing you decide to work on, there are necessary skills that always will keep being valuable over time. They are communication, writing, and storytelling. A successful marketer needs to be able to transmit concise, meaningful messages that connect with people. Whether it is a blog post directed to a community of followers a company has built, an ad that is displayed on social media, or a commercial transmitted on television, it is always necessary to create quality content that potential customers can relate too. Investing time developing communication skills is not a luxury in this field. Starting to write blog posts every day, or starting a podcast can be an excellent form of polishing the way you communicate your ideas.

  • Get involved in the industry as much as possible: Marketing is a field that is continually evolving; for this reason, it is vital to keep being updated about trends and be curious about learning new things. Interacting with fresh content constantly, such as articles that other marketers write, going to events of the industry for expanding your network, thinking outside the box, and continuously looking for opportunities to learn new things is vital for surviving and exceeding in your career.

  • Become a master of testing and constant interaction: Having the ability to observe and analyze results is crucial. Being able to identify mistakes in campaigns and learn from failure can be the key to design very successful ones. For this reason, it is crucial to learn to interpret data and manage different software that allows you to have a broad picture of the activities and impact of your campaigns.

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