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Universidad Católica Luis Amigó is a university located in Medellín, Colombia. It was founded three decades ago and offers a variety of programs in the areas of humanities and social sciences. I worked in this institution for two years as an ESL teacher of intensive courses, having the opportunity to teach students of different careers. During the time I worked there, I gain a lot of experience leading groups of people younger and older than me, which helped me to become very responsible and mature. As a teacher, I have always been characterized by using different methodologies and approaches for teaching and explaining information. It is crucial for me to do my job very efficiently, and I consider myself a problem solver.

One of the accomplishments that I achieved at this institution was to successfully help pupils to transition from English level A1 to A2 in a time frame of one year. Besides, my students passed at a rate of 98%.

Some of my responsibilities included the creation of lessons and educational materials, for teaching English as a second language to undergraduate students. My tasks also included the preparation of tests for grading students' learning processes during courses.

Something that I loved about this job was the great relationships that I created with my students and boss. It was joyful for me to arrive at my classes and teach lessons every afternoon, my pupils were always motivated to learn, and they treated me with a lot of respect. Besides, the director of the program and the coordinator (who was my immediate boss) supported me a lot giving me the resources that I needed for doing a great job.

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