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Why Do I love Boston So Much?

Boston is one of my favorite cities in the world. I arrived there for the first time in the summer of 2014, and during one year I enjoyed visiting the terrific places that the city offers to its visitors. I get in a happy mood, just thinking about going back there and walk on its cobbled streets. I have tried to convince my husband to travel there with me. He has been skeptical about whether or not he would like, as he has never visited it before. I decided to break down the reasons why he and everybody should visit Boston at least one time in their lives:

1. It is a historic and tourist-friendly city: Many crucial battles of America’s revolution occurred in Boston. The city is full of historical places that can be easily visited by tourists, including the Freedom Trail. It is a tour of 16 sites that people can do by themselves just following a red line on the streets. The trail takes around 2.5 miles to walk and includes The Old State House and Museum, Faneuil Hall, Boston Massacre Site, Bunker Hill Monument, among others.

2. The architecture is stunning: Most of the Bostonian architecture is old, yet fascinating. It gives you a feeling of being somewhere in the 19th century. The red bricks of the houses combined with granite create an aesthetic environment. One of the most beautiful places that the city has is the Public Garden; it is a botanical park of 24 acres. A big pond is on its heart, where people can appreciate lovely swans swimming, or they can have a ride on the famous swan boats. Wherever you go and look in Boston, there is beauty, and people feel proud of being from there.

3. Transportation: Boston is a walkable city, as most of its main attractions are relatively close to each other. Finding addresses is very easy using Google Maps while walking, and the subway system of the city takes you almost everywhere you need to go. Buses arrive at the stop stations very often, in comparison with other cities in the USA. Besides, people always have the option to get Taxis or use Uber if they are in a hurry. The bad thing is that parking is costly, but if you live in the city, you do not need to drive.

4. The people: Boston is full of young people; most of them are students and entrepreneurs from all over the country and the world. This diversity makes it a multicultural place to make friends, being exposed to different philosophies of life, acquire new knowledge, and expand your network.

Boston is a model city for its organization and the sense of belonging of its inhabitants. The mix of technology, innovation, and antique architecture is going to captivate you and make you love this city as well.

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