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The Value of Operations in a Business

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Every business has five main areas: sales, operations, customer service, and marketing. All of them are vital to the existence of companies. However, one of these areas controls the other ones and is the engine of the enterprises. We are talking about operations.

The responsibilities of this big department include:

1. Optimize internal processes: Companies require everyday activities that need to get done on time and efficiently. For example, doing budgets for the expenses of each month, creating contracts with suppliers, negotiating deals when necessary, hiring talented people for specific projects, etc. Depending on the type of business, the responsibilities of the operations department might change; but it is always necessary to have a team that controls processes behind the scenes.

The work in operations is usually invisible to customers, but it is essential for organizing the functions of other members of the team. It is also crucial for fixing problems that might cause delays in projects or the delivery of products.

2. Improve the quality of services or products: Another essential function of the operations area is to ensure that the quality of services or products of a company meets high standards. It is crucial to observe the processes that imply the creation of a new product, and identify ways in which it can be better without hurting the profits of the company. It requires to try, research, even co-design things, and create systems that help the team to improve their final products.

There is no one single definition that can explain what operations frame. It includes numerous tasks and is the axis of all the necessary functions of each venture in the tech world. It is the piece that makes each other part reach its fullest potential and to work correctly.

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