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The Power of Consistency

Image by Eiji Kikuta from Pixabay

I am currently reading a book called The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. The section I read today was about “the magic of beginning.” The author explained that once we start working on a project, book, or enterprise, we are passionate about, something magical occurs. The universe starts working on our favor. It presents to us people, useful material and ideas that help us to improve and move forward in the goals we have for our venture.

I agree with Pressfield when he says that starting the work is vital and it opens doors for us. However, we cannot forget that along the way, we find obstacles, and not everything is going to benefit us. The creator’s journey is a very difficult one; that is why not so many people dare to pursue their dreams. Many start projects, but the majority give up when they face the first round of problems. In my opinion, it is crucial to have the strength to continue in spite of the circumstances.

There is a proverb in the Bible that says: “The end of a matter is better than its beginning” - Ecclesiastes 7:8(a). The Spanish version is even more specific; it says: “The end of a business is better than its beginning” (R95 version).

I think this verse means that the fulfillment of tasks and receiving the earnings of a business is more enjoyable than all the hard work the entrepreneur had to go through at the beginning of it. Of course, there is no reward without effort, but it is not a secret that we feel happier after receiving the benefits of our work.

Reflecting on these thoughts, I came out with a conclusion:

-Without a start, there is no project.

-There is no fulfillment without consistency; it is what helps us to arrive at the end line of our goals.

We need the beginning with its hard work and the end with its compensations, but we also need toughness while we are on the road. Both the start and the journey are equally important; however, our possibilities of succeeding are higher once we decide to put the first stone, the base of our creation. The rest relies upon how bad we want to finish it and conquer our dreams.

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