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My Plan For Developing Selling Skills

“The best sellers are the best leaders. All the great teachers have been great sellers.”

-Robert Kiyosaki.

One of the essential skills that we need in life is to know how to sell. In the book Business School by Robert Kiyosaki, the rich dad explains to his apprentice son that we are innate sellers since we are born. When a baby is hungry and does not get what he wants, he starts crying; he starts selling until he gets what he wants. However, as we grow, we lose that attitude of getting everything we want. This section of the book made me reflect on my selling skills and how can I get them back.

There are many reasons why I want to be a professional in sales: I want to sell my ability to create value to hiring managers and get myself a great job, I want to sell products as a passive income and make extra money every month, and I want to be a good leader, so I need to sell my ideas very well. For this reason, I decided to start training myself and create an action plan. For designing my plan, I took lessons from a book that I read in the past that contains much wisdom for selling: The Greatest Salesman of The World by Og Mandino.

Lesson #1: “I will increase my knowledge of mankind, myself, and the goods I sell, thus my sales will multiply.”

My Action #1: Taking into account this principle, I will study some brands of American products that I decided to sell in Colombia, I will make sure to know very well the benefits of each product and why they are superior to competitors. Besides this, I will read a book called “How To Win Friends and Influence People”.

Lesson #2: “None can duplicate my brush strokes, none can duplicate my chisel marks, none can duplicate my handwriting, none can produce my child, and, in truth, none has the ability to sell exactly as I.”

My Action #2: This lesson is about authenticity. After reflecting on this, I learned that I wouldn’t know my selling style until I start selling! I need to know what works and what does not work for me when offering a product to a client. For this reason, I decided that by the end of this month I am going to make an attempt to make $150 in sales so I can learn about myself and how I behave in selling.

Lesson #3: “When each day is ended not regarding whether it has been a success or a failure, I will attempt to achieve one more sale.”

Action #3: This lesson challenges me to push myself to achieve more. I decided that I will keep looking for opportunities to sell more every day until I obtain my goals for this month. Next month, I can aim to achieve more and create higher goals.

With this plan, I intend to overcome my fears of presenting products, services, or my skills to people. I think these lessons and action items are a good opening to a door that will take me to go further in my career, and in every opportunity, I decide to step forward.

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