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Having An Older Sister Is One Of The Best Things That Have Happened To Me

The relationship between my sister K. Liliana and I has always been full of love, argues, resentments, and reconciliations. It is because we are the opposite of each other; her temperament type is sanguine - choleric while mine is melancholic - phlegmatic. We react to situations in different ways, and it can be frustrating for both of us. However, having her in my life is one of the things I am most grateful for. She has been a teacher in different seasons of my life and has guided me when I have needed it. When we were in secondary school, I used to ask her about specific grades she already had passed, whether they were difficult or not, and what to expect. When I had a heartbreak for the first time, she was there for hugging me while I cried. She promised everything was going to be alright; she had already gone through that too, and she knew how to overcome it. When I lived in the USA through the Au Pair program, she had lived the same experience two years earlier than me. My sister had warned me about how harsh my first winter was going to be, so when it came, it did not take me as a surprise, I had been mentally preparing myself for that. I could keep counting infinite experiences in which K. Liliana has come to the rescue with her wisdom of life and maturity.

I know it hasn’t always been pleasing for her to be the oldest. When we were kids, adults punished her many times for mischievous behavior we both did, but she was judged for not giving a good example to me. Contrarily, I got benefits for being the youngest.

Now, we live on different continents; we are both married and have different goals. Being separated has helped us to improve even more our relationship. We do not have to deal with the annoying things that we don’t like about each other. Instead, we try to support us in any way we can, we appreciate phone calls a lot, and we value the times when we reunite in family meetings.

K. Liliana is and always will be a confident, an unconditional friend, and my role model. I will forever appreciate the fortune of having a sister like her in my life.

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