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Writing storybooks has been a hobby for me since I was a little girl. I grew up in a family of writers and teachers in Colombia (some of them very famous and others not so famous), but each of them has influenced my passion for literature in different dimensions. However, is my mom, the person who has influenced me the most in the art of the letters. When I was three years old, she used to tell me story tells about magic and real characters that lived on the Caribbean coast of Colombia and reflected the customs and culture of this region. I felt so mesmerized that I loved to memorize them and later tell them to other adults in family meetings. When I became a little bit older, she used to take me to her literature and drama classes, where she taught and practiced with her students, scenes and plays that she created and adapted from classic novels. Some of them were: The Ingenious Nobleman Sir Quixote of La Mancha, One Thousand and One Nights, among others. Those moments in the middle of the performances were magical and fed my passion for literature; I wanted to receive more, so I started to read story books that my mother and my aunt bought for me. I could spend hours and hours reading, and by the time I turned six years old, I started to write my own story tales.

Moreover, sometimes I was invited to different schools of my city to tell stories and poems in front of big crowds of people, but later as I kept growing and developed a more introvert personality, I abandoned the stages, and I focused just on writing. I enjoyed creating characters that brought justice to situations that happened in imaginary adventures (maybe, writing tales was the tool that I used as a child for fighting what I considered was unfair). Nevertheless, when my teenage years came, I buried this passion for a very long time, and I did not unearth it until I turned 22 years old. Fortunately, I rediscovered this lost passion, and I started to explore it more deeply, finding a purpose to share with others. 

In the present, I am creating Orinoco! A brand of books that I plan to launch soon. It is formed by a series of engaging stories that teach kids about values, science, history, literature, and general culture. The purpose of this brand is to inspire children to discover their talents and encourage them to become what they dream of being.

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