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Co-founding the company Childbox has been the pinnacle of my career to date. Seeing hundreds of children impacted positively every month, leading smart individuals, as well as being able to participate in recognized events with industry leaders such as Shark Tank Colombia or an important technological summit in Latin America are things I never thought possible.

Childbox motivated children to be the next scientists, artists, writers, and engineers of their generations through playful projects and books sent every month to their houses. To make this happen, I led experts in early childhood education, psychology, and design to create fun projects that build a child’s capabilities in science, mathematics, general culture, social skills, art, engineering, and values. 

Leading such smart and accomplished people to create ideas from scratch produced many challenges, but the satisfaction was overwhelming when the plans got through the creation and distribution process and got met with positive feedback from clients.

Childbox did not have many resources when it started, so I was the accountant, resource officer, product designer, product manager, Q & A lead, buyer, author of books, customer representative, and logistics worker. I quit my job as an English teacher at a university and consistently worked 18-20 hour days to do all of this. Eventually, we were able to hire employees who took on these roles, and I transitioned to the position of Chief Operating Officer, but I still was involved in all of these roles but as an overseer and manager.

After putting on enough local events with positive results, Colombia 4.0, one of the most recognized technological meetings in Latin America, invited us to market at their gathering. This summit brings together national and international expert speakers in different digital verticals. Attending such events opened the door to apply for Shark Tank Colombia, which we were chosen to pitch on national TV. We didn’t close the funding with them, but presenting to business leaders like that opened the door for us to close a large account with the state government.

All these experiences that I lived through in the creation of my company have helped me to grow in different areas of my life as a person and as a businesswoman. However, my best accomplishment has been creating products that help kids and parents explore their creativity, connect to dreams, and give them basic skills to take steps towards what they want to achieve. The most enjoyable part of my job in Childbox was writing storybooks with characters children could identify with and encourage them to believe in their talents. Some of the titles I wrote in Spanish are:

  • Joseph, Jacques y el globo de aire caliente.

  • El increíble rescate de Ana y Noah.

  • El ingeniero del Néguev.

  • El huésped de Navidad.

  • Los fantásticos mundos del pintor.

  • La estrategia de Quinto A.

  • La misión espacial de Efraín Lobo.

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