• Eliana Rose B.

Week 4: How to Deal with Self-doubt

During the last days, I have found myself thinking about how awesome it is to have my job and keep learning valuable knowledge for my career, thanks to it. At the same time, I have questioned if someone like me should be in this position.

Those thoughts sound hard, but I need to recognize that I have had them to find their root and solve the situation before it turns into something more serious that can affect my self-esteem.

I decided to constantly take two actions that help me regain confidence and empower me to keep improving my performance at work and in other areas of my life. I describe them below:

1. Invest some minutes of my day in me:

After work, I try to spend at least twenty minutes alone, reflecting on my feelings. During that time, I go to a place I love in my building, and I meditate. Now I do it using an app called Synctuition. I discovered that its music and nature sounds help me to relax and concentrate more. After that, I write down ten or more positive things about myself that make me valuable and unique. I also write down positive affirmations of goals that I have in my job, I repeat them as if they were already real, and I internalize them. I don’t do this every single day, but I try to do it every other day.

2. Keep surrounding myself with people that are more experienced than me:

It’s essential to spend time with people who have results that I want to achieve. I like to learn from them, ask them questions, and do things they do. However, I remind myself that the reason why they are there is that they have spent more time than me learning, they have failed first, and maybe more times. Association is excellent, not to make comparisons, but for inspiration and mentorship.

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