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The Top Things I Have Learned In Praxis So Far

Three months ago, I started my boot camp in Praxis. During this time, I have been developing crucial skills for working at startups and for succeeding in my career. The knowledge that I have acquired until this moment is so much that I could not tell everything in just one blog post. For this reason, I decided to write about the top four things that have marked a difference in my professional development:

1. To create and establish my personal brand: In the first module, I created a professional profile that included a pitch-deck. At first, I did not even know what a pitch-deck was. Later I learned how useful it was for my profile and how it could help me to showcase my skills to potential hiring managers. I had to do different drafts until I finished the one that looked sharp. I also created a website with separate pages that describe who I am, and I boosted my LinkedIn profile with valuable evidence of my work and past experiences.

2. How to create a project and document it: One of the most exciting modules has been the one in which I needed to complete a real project in four weeks and document my learning process while working on it. I decided to create a storybook brand for kids called Orinoco. It was very hard, but I enjoyed building it! I learned about marketing as I designed content for social media and created advertisements. I also learned about operations and how to use different program management and CRM software. Besides, I self-published my first book on! Working on this project was hard, but I had terrific resources to reach to in the Praxis Portal.

3. Improve my writing skills: During this current month, I am doing a 30-day writing challenge. This is one of the actions that has helped me to improve not only my written communication skills significantly but also has helped to strengthen traits such as discipline and responsibility. Every day I remember the commitment that I did with myself about writing no matter what and I put consistency into it. I am excited about completing it successfully and applying the same drive in all the tasks I am responsible for.

4. Essential traits for the workplace: In Praxis, we do not only acquire knowledge but also grow as individuals and in our work ethic. Something that I love about being part of this program is the collaborative spirit among all the participants, instructors, and staff members. Every week we give feedback to each other, not only because it is a requirement, but because we enjoy seeing our peers succeed and learn from them. The commenting exercises that we continuously do help us to awaken our curiosity and critical thinking for finding ways in which our work can improve.

I still have a long journey to go through this program, but it certainly is a delightful one. I feel satisfaction to see myself conquering my fears, and learning every day. I know that all the challenges I find here push me forward my goals of creating value for others and enjoy the benefits of building my future.

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