• Eliana Rose B.

Proofreading for a Great Mission

Updated: May 11, 2020

Hello, Hooray Studios team,

My name is Eliana, and I want to be your next US Spanish Proofreader. I love that you inspire kids and help them to increase their imagination with your stories. I believe in the importance of helping kids to stay curious, learn about the world around them, and develop their cognitive and social skills. That is part of your mission, and that is why I want to work with you.

I think that I'm a great candidate for this role because I have experience with your qualifications. I'm going to mention some of the features that you're looking for and how my previous experience matches them:

1. You need someone with expertise proofreading various types of prose and verse literature in US Spanish. This person needs to detect and correct typographical, grammatical, punctuation, syntax, or formatting errors.

  • My experience: Writing has been my passion and hobby since I was a little girl. Later in my career, I turned my writing skills into a business. I co-founded a startup called Childbox, and there I used to write storybooks for children in Spanish. I also wrote and designed instruction books for science experiments and art projects that were part of our product. Eventually, I became the COO of the company, and we hired a new writer. Part of my job was to control the quality of our products, proofreading, and editing our books. I supervised and made sure that all our texts were free of grammatical and punctuation mistakes. I also highlighted errors when I noticed typos or words that were difficult to read due to the color of the text.

2. You need someone proficient in the US Spanish language (preferably native speaker). Someone with an awareness of cultural and other features of the target language and demographic. This person must also have a thorough knowledge of the English language.

  • My experience: I was born in Colombia, so I am a Spanish native speaker. In my country, I studied Education with an Emphasis in English as a Second Language at a university, and there I taught the English language in different K-12 schools and colleges.

3. You're looking for someone with extreme preciseness, being able to multitask (more projects at once), work efficiently under pressure, and can handle short deadline

  • My experience: As an entrepreneur, I learned to wear different hats and take different responsibilities at the same time. I learned to work quickly to make customers feel happy and satisfied with our products and with the time range in which they received them.

As you can see, my previous experiences have allowed me to be successful as a writer, editor, and proofreader. I'm excited about the possibility of joining your team and using my skills to create value for you, your little readers, and their families.

I'm looking forward to hearing back from you!

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