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Hello Aetna!

Updated: 7 days ago

Hello, Aetna team!

My name is Eliana, and I want to be your next Bilingual Customer Service Representative. I want to help people to have access to health services of quality. I also want to grow and thrive in my career, and I think that Aetna is the best place for doing that. I want to join your team and create value for you and your customers.

I think that I am a great candidate for this role because I have experience with your qualifications. I'm going to mention the top features that you're looking for, and I'm going to explain how my previous experiences match them:

1. You need someone to answer questions and resolve issues based on phone calls/letters from members, providers, and plan sponsors. Triages resulting in rework to appropriate staff.

2. You're looking for someone who can guide members through their plan of benefits, Aetna policy, and procedures, as well as having knowledge of resources to comply with any regulatory guidelines.

  • My experience: I became an expert in every single of our products so that I could help our clients with all the issues they faced. I also designed instruction materials that help our customers understand our products better.

3. You need someone who performs financial data maintenance as necessary.

  • My experience: I kept our database of clients and their payment information organized and updated. It helped our company to guide our customers based on their subscription plans, and offer them better benefits.

4. You need someone with excellent oral and written communication skills.

5. You're looking for someone with technical skills.

  • My experience: I'm a quick learner and I'm tech-savvy. Lately, I've been learning how to use different tech tools and CRMs, and I'm currently learning more.

As you can see, my previous experiences have allowed me to be successful in customer service and operations. I'm excited about the possibility of joining your team and serving your customers in the best way possible.

I'm looking forward to hearing back from you!

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