• Eliana Rose B.

Am I Here to Give or to Get?

Some weeks ago, I started to think of every area of my life, every group, and organization I’m part of; I felt very grateful for all the caring people and resources around me. I asked myself, are they serving me, or am I serving them? I realized there are many more people in and outside my network that need to be served. This made me reflect on some ways I can give more:

  1. At work: Anticipate/identify more problems before they occur and find solutions for them.

  2. At school: Share helpful content related to my peers’ career interests and find excuses to answer questions they have and that I might be knowledgeable at.

  3. In business: Create more robust relationships with my clients. Schedule time to search about them and initiate genuine conversations. Show interest in their problems, and offer solutions to them, even if I don’t sell them.

  4. In the local community: These uncertain times have contributed to the creation of more opportunities to serve online. I found this article about different ways to volunteer from home.

What other ways do you recommend for giving back?

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