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7 Steps to Succeed in Customer Service

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This week I gained knowledge about customer success, thanks to an interview I made to Steven Rose and content I have searched in different articles. Based on what I learned, I designed my roadmap to customer success. It is focused on seven steps that I need to follow for mastering the necessary skills for this role.

1. Know everything about my products/services:

The first step I need to take for offering an excellent service to customers is to know very well the features and limitations of the products and services of the company I work for. I also need to understand how comparable they are to competitors and what makes ours unique. This knowledge will help me to solve doubts more efficiently.

2. Learn to determine where the product fits in the goals of the client:

It is important to analyze the reason why the client acquired a product; this is useful for showing him/her how to take the most advantage of what he/she bought.

3. Being proactive instead of reactive:

Anticipate to problems that customers might find will not only help me to avoid stress produced by situations that need to be solved urgently. It will also help to keep clients satisfied with the service they are receiving. If they are happy, they will continue purchasing our products/services.

4. Pay special attention to the onboarding of customers:

When a client is new, he probably does not know many things about how to use what he just bought, and the potential that the product has for making his life easier.

It is vital to guide him during that season, giving him the tools that he needs for starting to have a great experience with the product. If the customer does not receive attention during that time, he will feel frustrated, and he would leave the company with a wrong perception of it. That is terrible because an unhappy customer will potentially give a bad review and talk negatively to others about the experience he had. I need to keep being very attentive to the needs of that customer until he has success with the product.

5. Learn to write helpful emails:

It is essential to know how to write effective emails that go right to the point of solving customers' concerns and do not waste their time. In the Praxis program, I have been learning how to write professionally, concise, and valuable content for busy people. However, I know that I still need to keep improving, practicing, and mastering my writing skills.

6. Build mutually beneficial relationships that go further the initial purchase: This aspect is one of the most important ones for being successful in customer service. Creating trustful relationships with clients is very beneficial for companies; it can ensure that they keep making purchases in the long term.

7. Understand the customer's road to my product: Knowing the steps that clients need to take for getting my product is very important. Knowing this will help me to determine how difficult it is for him/her to acquire it. This information is valuable for letting my team know when it is necessary to make changes to give the customer a more user-friendly experience.

Following these steps is the base that I need to be successful in customer service. But also for gaining useful knowledge that helps me to know the customer's needs in other business roles as well. Keeping in mind that clients are the reason why companies exist makes me feel encouraged to learn as much as I can about them. It also makes me feel willing to use my skills to make them feel fulfilled.

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